X Factor Denmark all winner auditions Seasons1-10(2008-2017)

Season1 2008 Audition Martin Hoberg-You Are Not Alone
Season2 2009 Audition Linda Andrews-The Power Of Love
Season3 2010 Audition Thomas Ring Petersen-The Blower’s Daughter
Season4 2011 Audition Sarah Skaalum Jørgensen-used somebody
Season5 2012 Audition Ida Østergaard Madsen-Lost
Season6 2013 Audition Chresten Falck Damborg-The Cave
Season7 2014 Audition Anthony Jasmin-Stand by me
Season8 2015 Audition Emilie Esther-Make You Feel My Love
Season9 2016 Audition Embrace-How to be a heartbreaker
Season10 2017 Audition Morten Nørgaard-Bless the broken road

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